Our Customers

PEAR represents the finest products in refueling. Naturally, we tend to attract great customers. We routinely provide custom orders and contracts to the busiest commercial airports, fixed-base operators and refueling services in the U.S. and Mexico. We compete on price, provide quality products and workmanship, and deliver great customer service over the life of the contract. Our large clients are among our most loyal because they realize we understand their businesses and their needs. But you don’t have to buy thousands of feet of hose a year to receive great service from PEAR.

Fueling products are just as vital to the business of operating small rural airfields as they are to the largest airports. That’s why at PEAR, we take the same approach to serving hundreds of smaller fields, airports and FBOs as we do large airports. From private operations situated near the outskirts of major urban areas to public fields located in the Alaskan bush, we can meet our customers’ needs for price, knowledge and delivery.