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Refueling Hoses

PEAR hose assemblies start with ContiTech Aeropal hose created exclusively for aircraft refueling. We offer API hose from 3/4 inch to 4 inches in diameter. All hoses meet API/EI 1529/2005, 7th edition, Grade 2, type C and E. 

  • Type C is nonelectrically bonded hose incorporating a semiconductive¬†cover compound having an electrical resistance between 103 and 106 ohms/meter.
  • Type E is electrically conducting hose incorporating one metallic conducting helical support bonded to the couplings and a conductive cover. The electrical resistance is less than 100 ohms/meter. This type of hose may be used as a riser hose in a hydrant servicer or in refuelers to supply fuel to an elevating platform.

Fittings and couplings are available in male and female NPT for Cam & Groove (mil spec available), TTMA flange and 150 lbs. flange in aluminum, brass or stainless per customer request/specification.

All aviation hose assemblies are custom made in our Darby, Montana, facility with the coupling/fitting and length specified by the customer. Hose and couplings/fittings are clearly marked in accordance with API/EI 1529. Hose assemblies are 100 percent hydrostatic tested to 600 psi and checked for electrical continuity. Each hose receives a unique serial number for tracking and a test certificate.